About Me

My personal information

My personal mission in life is to help others as a means of repaying those who have opened doors for me, helped me to achieve and inspired me to be the best in my personal and professional life.

What I Like

Humor, enjoying fine wines and living free.

What's Important

My family is the center of my life. I'm blessed with a close, loving relationship with my parents, my children and grandchildren, and sisters.

I'm social by nature, but require privacy and time to reflect and do things for myself. During the past year I've focused more on my career and what used to be merely a job has become an important aspect of my life as well. Achievement is its own reward and the past year has been marked with both learning and achievement.


I live in Azusa, California, which is in the San Gabriel Valley. It's in Los Angeles County, but life in Azusa is vastly different than it is in L.A. I was raised here and this is where my roots are.

I'm a typical Aquarian who was born on February 17. One minute I might be playing hard and acting like a wild teen, the next might find me pensive and pondering spiritual matters. Religion is deeply ingrained and is a gift of both my heritage and upbringing. As I grow older the spiritual side has grown increasingly important.

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