About This Site

This is an administrative page that I use to track changes to my site and make notes to myself. If you stumbled into this page please feel welcome and make yourself at home.

Change Control

Log of Changes

22 May 2001 - Retired old site and made the following changes:
  1. Home page (index.html) was completely redesigned
  2. Guestbook eliminated (Geocities new guestbook is so atrocious that I felt it was better to eliminate it altogether)
  3. Employed Information Mapping as a structure and rewrote my personal and professional pages
When I find time I plan to update my Newsletters, Book Reviews and Downloads page.

03 June 2001 - Made some progress in my Newsletters, Book Reviews and Downloads (see the old page for a comparison). The page was completely redesigned and now uses some javascript and image maps to add some flair. Among the changes are:

  1. Using a javascript rollover bar to provide quick access to links, artifacts (tools and documents), books, publications, and my Amazon reviews Note: most of these links currently point to content on Mike Tarrani's web site until I can classify the content I want to display and point to it here.
  2. Added an image map of the Tarrani-Zarate Information Technology Management Model. This map allows you to click on the model area about which you want information and will bring up a page of links, artifacts and recommended books. Note: right now most of the areas point to a placeholder page that directs you to Mike's content. If you click on the Security Management Key Process Area, though, you will be taken to a page that is mostly complete.
  3. I also made changes to my What I Do page. If you go to the block titled Avocational, second paragraph, first bullet, and click on the word blueprint a window pops up with a description and some URLs. Does this change add value? You be the judge. I was playing with javascript and wanted to see if I could add a pop-up window.
You will notice that the background color on the Newsletters, Book Reviews and Downloads page is black. I did this because I made the rollover buttons with a black background (wasn't thinking solely about the task at hand at the time), and it was easier to change the background color than to make new buttons. I have since rewritten this page with a white background and have produced a new set of buttons, but kind of like the black background. However, I am going to let you be the judge. Check out the version with the white background and vote Keep the Black Background if you like the black background, or Keep the White Background if you don't like the black background.

Site Focus

The sole purpose of this site is to share information in my areas of professional interest. I believe strongly in promoting professionalism and endeavor to give back to my profession by making available documents and links to information that will help others.

I Love Suggestions and Feedback

If you have suggestions or special requests please do not hesitate to let me know. Although I have a busy schedule I am rarely too busy to help or make improvements. I value what you have to say and would love to know that I am making a contribution.

Pray for Kuwait's POWs and Don't Forget Them!